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Audio & Paging

Audio & Paging

Set the Mood… No Candles Needed

Enhance your company culture and brand while creating a positive, welcoming environment for customers and employees with Simpatico’s sophisticated audio and paging systems.

With Audio & Paging You Can

Stream licensed music throughout your business to create a unique atmosphere

Use overhead audio marketing to inform in-store customers of buying opportunities

Streamline your communications process with clear, direct call-in menu options

Enjoy crystal-clear and reliable audio communication

Use marketing on hold to inform potential customers of great deals

Install powerful systems suitable for small, medium, or large premises


Our custom audio and paging systems are chock-full of features, all of which allow you to make your customers feel welcome on the phone or in-store, and allow you to communicate time-saving information to your employees.

Quality audio communications in customer areas

Customized music system to play different music on specific days or times to suit your customer patterns

In-house audio notifications

Marketing on hold for callers

Voice over IP Licensed music from dozens of genres

Large system capacity

Door stations for indoor-outdoor use

Simple Helix Data Center

Master stations for common areas and offices

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