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MSA ChangeLog


This page documents all changes to Simple Helix’s MSA published at




Modified By

Change Made


May 15, 2024

Scott McDaniel

Added section 7.4 to bring Simple Helix personnel into the MSA with regards to cyber compliance.  Clause added to share with Simple Helix Customers that Simple Helix only employees US Citizens, performs background checks, and employees are trained on how to properly handle and administer CUI.


April 4, 2024

Scott McDaniel

Updated sections 2.5 and 8.3 regarding early termination.  Previously, 8.3 pointed to 2.5 and 2.5 pointed to 8.3.  The language was revised to remove the redirection loop and clarified the path to early termination.  Section 2.5 now states the early termination fees and expection for pay.  Section 8.5 speaks to the causes and reasons that justify early termination


March 22, 2024

Scott McDaniel

Additional language added regarding Simple Helix's liability and responsibility related to cyber compliance was added.  This is now section 7.0


March 1, 2024

Scott McDaniel

MSA officially moved to Simple Helix's corporate website at


January 2018-March 2024


These versions were incorporated into the Company's Statement of Work as a combined MSA and SOW.