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Connectivity Services

Connectivity a

Ultra Fast, Reliable Connectivity

Simple Helix’s connectivity and bandwidth solutions are safe, quick, and resilient. Whether you are looking for a carrier-grade primary connection or a strong secondary provider for redundancy, Simple Helix has what you need.

Ultra-Fast Internet

Low Latency

Low Risk

High Resilience

Is Your Slow Internet Making Everything Harder?

Slow connection times, sluggish data processing, and frequent downtime can make your work take much longer than it should. With Simple Helix, you can rely on a fast internet connection. 

We offer Direct Internet Access (DIA), Point to Point (P2P), Cross-Connect, and more options so you can meet all of your connectivity needs. We house multiple carriers to ensure you have multiple connectivity options and paths to the internet, giving you redundancy and minimizing your downtime.

Connectivity Services
Connectivity SIMPLIFIED

Connectivity You Can Count On

Simplifying Technology Since 2007

Simple Helix has been providing IT services for over 15 years. Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, we’ve been offering web hosting for commercial businesses since 2007. Today we offer managed IT, data center, and connectivity services to help businesses of all sizes gain back time for the work that matters.

Our locally owned and operated data center provides mission-specific IT and connectivity services for organizations in the government contracting, technology R&D, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. With Simple Helix keeping your team connected, you can focus on the work you care about.

Our Memberships and Partners

Connectivity SIMPLIFIED

Fast Data Processing, All the Time

Our wealth of upstream connections provides richer peering, fewer hops, lower latency, and higher resilience.

Experience Ultra-Fast Internet

As an internet exchange, we provide our customers with the ability to lessen their hop count. Because there are less network segments for data to pass through, our customers experience ultra-fast connectivity speed.

Achieve Lower Latency

Process high volumes of data with virtually no delay using our rich peering fabric. Our network is designed to support operations that require near real-time access to rapidly changing data. 

Reduce Risk

Our Tier III Data Center features a Meet Me Room (MMR), which houses multiple internet carriers and allows them to peer. By offering multiple connectivity options as well as many paths to the internet, our customers achieve redundancy and minimize downtime.

Connectivity Made Easy

Speed up your workflow with fast, reliable internet connectivity

1. Get in touch with our sales team

2. Let us develop a custom connectivity solution

3. Get time back for mission-centric activities

Your Connectivity Options

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

  • Connect your office to the internet  
  • Connect your colocated devices to the internet

Point to Point (P2P)

  • Connect your office to the Data Center  
  • Connect your office to your satellite offices

Cross-Connect Options

  • Connect your colocated servers to internet carriers or other businesses  

Do Your Work Faster

Don’t let a slow internet connection weigh down your productivity. Many companies struggle to work efficiently because they’re dealing with slow data processing and connection times.

Simple Helix simplifies your connectivity by keeping you one step ahead. We can provide the right connectivity options to give you lower latency, more resiliency, and faster connection times than ever.

Connectivity Services

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