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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

The Simple Helix cloud offers a combination of simplicity and flexibility that keeps up with your application even in highly demanding situations with great value on cloud resources. Our cloud has a proven track record of remaining secure and outperforming the competition. We’re using the latest technology to keep storage, compute and network speeds fast without bottlenecks.

Cloud Services

Key Feature of Service

Benefits To You

Extreme uptime with highly redundant components
Secure environment
High performance for demanding applications
Less downtime
Keeps data secure and allows customers to meet security requirements
Allows application with extreme resource requirements

Compute on Demand

We offer highly flexible high performance computing for demanding applications. We’ve had huge success with customers requiring extreme performance for highly parallelized supercomputing applications which allow us to take advantage of the high performance cloud we’ve architected. We’re glad to support supercomputing platforms like UNIX or Solaris which other providers don’t offer.


Our storage offerings can meet the needs of any application. From blistering fast SSD storage to better value on archival storage we can architect a solution that meets exactly your needs. We understand the complex challenges of keeping storage fast, available, secure and flexible while keeping costs highly competitive.

Hypervisor Environment

We offer the best virtualization experience with hands-on options to assist with converting applications to our cloud. Our customers get great support from our highly qualified and certified engineers who keep your applications fully operational 365 days a year. Our hypervisors are configured for maximum resiliency and take advantage of the most critical developments in cloud technology to offer unprecedented efficiency and value.

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